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Honu the Newspaper Turtle

I submitted an entry at I am hoping my entry will be picked. His name is Honu. Honu means turtle in Hawaii.

I found out about this contest on Rhondda's blog. I immediately picked my hook and asked my son what amigurumi will be cute but easy to make, he drew a turtle. And I started making the amigurumi yesterday afternoon and finished 10 pm and submitted my entry 11 pm. I hope you like my Honu The Turtle ;)
UPDATE: My Honu the Newspaper Turtle has been chosen as an entry at Voting will start on November 25. Vote for my Honu ;)

Angora Fur Exposé-

This is very inhumane! Please stop buying Angora yarns. Be kind. This poor bunny will be ripped off  their fur and for 5 years and will be killed to sell their carcasses. PETA investigators found out how inhumane they treat the angora rabbits. Their legs are tied up and pulled all the hair on their body.